We can make it easy for you!

The app combines the power of dynamic features and seamless app tools for you to discover, use and share with your friends and family. Take photos, reanimate an emoji, send your avatars as a message, create and save multiple avatars and so much more.

If you also want to create avatars that looks like someone else for fun or for family members and friends, the app absolutely allows you to do so.

This app code is also perfect for developers looking for code to jumpstart their face tracking apps.



  • Create moving avatars

  • Produce avatars or emojis to GIF version or short video clips

  • User-friendly screens

  • Create and save multiple avatars by selecting face, hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin, face, etc.

  • Create avatars using iPhone X’s 3D face tracking feature and send it as a message

  • Take photos and reanimate an emoji out of an image face

  • Create avatars that looks like someone else

  • Send and receive messages to and from other users

  • Location field automatically fills user’s current location by tapping a pin feature

  • Users can access select designs and settings

  • Select designs like happy birthdays, love messages, good morning, etc.

  • Use your own plain avatar

  • Insert your avatar to one of the iPhone X keyboard emojis

  • Actual conversion of the user’s avatar into an AniEmotion takes place

  • Send messages using the iPhone X keyboard

  • Access your created avatar from the list of emojis

  • Use the face tracking feature to create facial gestures and record audio before sending it

This app was awesome! I just made my own AniEmotions. Have you tried this app?

Daniel Cross • Executive Director